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Chapter 1: The Timing Was Never Right

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Chapter 1

When I was about 12 Harry and his family moved to the house next door to my family. He was also 12 when they moved in.
I remember the day they moved in. My mom and I went over to their house with homemade chocolate chip cookies. We rung the doorbell and I stood their innocently waiting for the door to open. The door opened and their was a generous looking lady smiling.

"Hi I’m Lisa and this is my daughter Kaylor! We’re your new next door neighbour! We brought you some cookies for a house warming gift." my mum said.

"Well you shouldn’t have! I’m Anne, and this is Harry." she said grabbing a boy walking by.
“Hey.”he said looking down at his phone. When he finally did look up he looked up at me to my mum and right back to me. I smiled back shyly.
“Harry, these are our next door neighbours Lisa and Kaylor.” Anne said.

I wanted to get another good look at Harry but I was too shy to even look at him. But I could feel his eyes watching my every move.

Ours mom talked a little longer but I couldn’t concentrate.

The whole conversation I tried to ignore Harry and stay quiet but I could just feel his cheeky smile watching me. I had no idea how important he would become in my life.

Somedays I look back wishing we had never met.

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Intro for: The Timing Was Never Right

So there he stood standing in front of me, clear as day. I couldn’t believe he was back. He was right there but he seemed so far. I had forgotten about this boy even though he had never left my mind since the day we met. He was the boy I fell for but never got to hold. We just never got the timing right I guess. It was just never possible. I had moved on when he left and I didn’t look back. So here he was standing there looking back at me saying nothing. Reminiscing. So let’s go back. To the start of Harry and my story.


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